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A Film by Christopher M Halligan

When Daniel decides to take his old Volvo up into the high mountain desert for some artistic alone time, he happens upon an abandoned ghost town that he can't find on his map.  Mesmerized by the town frozen in time, he stumbles upon a hair-raising truth that he never could have seen.

Winner - Special Jury Prize - Best Weste
Platinum Winner - Best Western Short - G
Winner - Best Director Short Film - Chri
Silver Winner - Best Supporting Actor -
Silver Winner - Best Mystery Short - Gho
SEMI-FINALIST - Dumbo Film Festival - 20
Outstanding Achievement Award - Western
Nominated - Best Supporting Actor - Don
Nominated - Best Mystery Short - Ghost T
Nominated - Best Supporting Actor - Don




Christopher M Halligan



Christopher has been making films and writing scripts in Los Angeles for about 12 years.  He shot several short narratives as well as two documentaries, one of which, Meth America, has been a YouTube hit. His feature script, The Run, made the finalist lists for both the Scriptapalooza and Filmmaker's International screenwriting contests for 2017.  Ghost Town is his latest passion project from a script he wrote in 2016.  Shot on the Eastern Sierras range, Ghost Town represents Halligan's most ambitious film project to date. Halligan also serves as a full-time faculty member in the English department at Compton College.

Tony Oberstar



Tony Oberstar is from Minnetonka, Minnesota, where he picked up his first camera when he was nine and hasn't stopped shooting since. When he was 18, he moved to Los Angeles, CA to become a cinematographer. He quickly began studying as well as working with Academy Award-winning filmmakers such as Janusz Kaminski (Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me If You Can, Minority Report), Spike Jonze (Adaptation, Her), Oliver Wood (The Bourne series), Will Smith (Seven Pounds), Judd Apatow (Knocked Up), Roger Corman (Silence of the Lambs), as well many others. In 2008, he started his production company, building a client list that includes Ford, Chase, Nascar, Skechers, Virgin America, and many others. When not making a living by working on films and commercials, he is at his computer editing his latest projects or producing his next short film.

John Rea


Locations and Drone Cinematography

John’s love for the mountains and extreme sports is what sparked his interest in film and editing. He figured if he could potentially die doing something he loved, it was probably worth getting on film. After graduating with a degree in business and marketing, John started Mammoth Media Productions. A few of the locations in a local outdoor edit caught the attention of a production agency working for Mercedes-Benz, and they hired him as a location scout and manager. This was the beginning of his location scouting career. In 2017, while recuperating from a bad kayaking accident that resulted in surgery and several months on the couch, John earned his Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft License, allowing him to commercially fly drones. Adding drone cinematography to his bag of tricks has certainly been enjoyable to him. Along with the spectacular drone cinematography he shot for Ghost Town, he has also accomplished some truly remarkable footage from deep in the Sierra Nevada backcountry.  Using media as an outlet to share his passions has been a life-long journey of John’s, and he is always eager to continue to grow in his knowledge and expertise in locating unique and spectacular locations, and filming them.

Michael Gmur


Actor - "Daniel"

After serving in the Marine Corps as a Sgt for five years, Michael began a career in acting because, much like the Marine Corps, it offers a unique challenge, and every day is different. Michael finds that joy in life is derived from the endless possibilities and opportunities, and he views acting as a way to help facilitate that. As for work, Michael recently acted opposite Jane Fonda and Don Johnson in the comedy Book Club and has appeared in several TV shows and national commercials.
One of his favorite quotes is from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. because it shows how we’re all connected and need each other: 
“…I can never be what I ought to be, until you are what you ought to be.”

Don Scribner


Actor - "Jim"

Don is a veteran of film and tv with over 70 credits from starring roles in the award winning The Cooler (Alec Baldwin Oscar nomination) to the title role in The Guide and a menacing lead in Appleton. TV includes It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Nathan For You and his voice is heard in several Mysteries of the Bible. Don is also a published novelist (Who Killed Love) and a country musician with tunes in several movies. Check out his personal web site or his IMDB page.


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